Automatic 6 Head Rotary Capping Machine

Automatic 6 head rotary capping machine
  •  3 nos turrent (rotary moving) with pocket of the size of the bottles/ Jars
  •  Larger rotary drum design for Smooth operation
  •  Vibratory feeder for proper orientation of the caps and feeding
  •  Direct cap pick up and also pick and place type model available.
  •  Easy capping torque setting on tool
  •  Easy Height setting manually (motorised option available)
  •  6 Head type capping
  •  ROPP capping machine also available
  •  Speed: 150 Bottles per minute
  •  Power: 1.2/2 HP

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Flow Meter Type
Automatic 6 Head rotary capping machine
Flow Meter Type
Automatic Single Head Rotary Capping Machine